Community combines materials to make a statement of interdependence and independence. Each pod is unique, and at the same time, completes the whole community. The use of multiple materials speaks to the diversity that exists in a productive and powerful community.


 Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones requires the viewer to move in, out , and around the elements of the piece figuring out how to carefully move from one end to the other without damaging the elements. The viewer is metaphorically negotiating the divisions and hurdles of the everyday life. In addition, the viewer will hopefully stop and “smell the roses” along the way, noticing the forms, movement, and textures through which they are walking. Life really is filled with lovely experiences if we let them in.


Building Blocks

Building Blocks speaks to meeting the many challenges of everyday living as we build and grow our lives. The base is a circular strong support, upon which is placed a transparent box that contains the core of our strength. The words etched into the box, build – courage – rebuild, reminds us that life is not a straight line. There are curves and bumps that can knock us down and get in our way, and when we hit a bump, it takes courage to get from build to rebuild. On the very top is my construction that represents the building blocks of my life. As I am layering and balancing the “blocks,” I am forced to find solutions to the teetering and sagging that naturally occurs as constructions are created.



Rebuild is the viewers’ chance to build and create their own structures, bringing their own life experiences to the process. Originally Building Blocks and Rebuild were shown as a unit, but I decided to separate the pieces, and make them two distinct statements. The viewer is encouraged to rebuild the piece using the blocks provided that vary in size, weight, material, shape, and texture to find his/her own solutions to the teetering and sagging of the weight of the “blocks.”